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One step from falling to chasm
This is my story; it can happen to you too.
I have a 16 y.o beautiful daughter. Ever since she was a little girl she brought joy, happiness and satisfaction to our life. When she reached maturity, as a typical parent I was a little bit worried of her seeing boys. A year ago she started to see a guy from our neighborhood, 2 years older then her. As much as we were worried, we let her decide what is good for her, as long she behave normally. Six month ago her behavior started to change gradually- she became apathy, tiered and weak. Then, we started to see all kinds of disturbing physical symptoms: skin rash, sweatiness, re-accruing headaches and etc. with great worry we took her to our primary care physician, and she was immediately diagnosed to have mononucleosis. The doctor ensured us that no specific treatment is necessary and informed us that the illness is usually self-limited and passes much the same way other common viral illness resolve. Besides recommending of bed rest and fluids we didn’t get a satisfying solution for her problem. The dissatisfaction became anxiety since her condition didn’t get better. At this point we started to look for other solutions online. Four month ago my husband found an anti viral nutritional supplement invented by Dr. Hanan Polansky which was claimed to deal with chronic viruses. With no indecision we bought this supplement.
It was a fast change.
A week later she felt much better, and two weeks later all the symptoms were gone.



Our family had a similar experience.  My sister came down with monomucleosis and we not sure how she got it as she was in grade school.  Prior to this she had been ill for a year with an allergy to peanuts.  Between these two problems she became fatigued, had dark circles under her eyes, became thin and couldn't sleep at all.  Finally, my mother took her to the doctor and found she had peanut allergy and mono.  It was suggested to stay away from peanuts (she had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day by the way) and get bed rest, eat properly and take some vitamins.  Well, that didn't work so we went to a specialist.  He gave us a prescription for an antiviral and that did the trick.