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My almost 2 yr old daughter had an allergic reation to some foods recently so my wife and I took her off of her daily diet and slowly we have reintroduced the foods to her again. Last night my wife was bathing the kids and noticed that our littlest is peeling on her little hands and her feet . The peeling is bad. I am worried and our finances are not where we can take her to a dermatologist who can help.


I know that you would like to hear some helpful answer but when it comes to your child’s health the best way to find out what is really wrong with her is to take her to the doctor. it is easy to presume when something is related with skin that we need dermatologist but since your finances are not that good take her to the pediatrician and see what is he going to recommend.

Since she has allergy reaction on food this could be some consequences of that allergy reaction since she is infant. And peeling of the skin sometimes appears as a reaction to some medications. You didn’t mention that she was taking any but just in case she did this could be the reason as well.

Let us know about the results and good luck with everything.