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So, today I did all my chores and am feeling fine, except this day my parents get mad at me for having to tell me to do the chores, despite them doing so everytime before this without a problem. In response, I calmly tell them this is unreasonable and remind them that they are fine with it every other time I do the chores, and that today (for some reason or another) is the only time they are getting mad. What I get in return however is that while I explain to one parent my opinion, the other is constantly butting in with comments like: Why are you arguing back? ,You're not getting what I'm saying, You don't respect us. In my defense, I don't think I did anything to disrespect, unless explaining your opinion is one, which I also think is not "arguing", especially if I did not raise my voice or say anything derogatory. To make it even worse, when I explain it to the other one, it's a repeat of the situation of "no respect etc". I continue to explain my opinion, with the matter going in circles until they put forth their own solution without including my opinion or caring about it for that matter, and putting their foot down on the matter. In conclusion why is it that despite what I do to defuse the situation, nothing seems work? How am I not understanding what they're telling me if all they are saying is "I want you to do this" and I agree? Truthfully, I'm used to attempting and failing to get my parents to understand my opinion, and personally I'm still feeling fine, it's just that my parent's are all worked up about the issue, and I just don't know how to go about this.


parents r so annoying