ok for a while my periods have been really predictable for about the last 8 months. but for the last 3 months my boyfriend and i have been trying to have a baby. last month i thought i was preg because i was five days late but then i started cramping really bad and started bleeding. but it was really light at first then got heavy but it also lasted for about 8 days when my period usualy lasts maybe five. then this month i am 12 days late so i started getting excited but i wanted to wait to get a test done because i didnt want to get my hopes up and have them crushed again. so when i was about 9 days late i was having sex and started bleeding just a little like spotting but it only happens right after sex sometimes it will keep really light for the day or it will just stop. but on the 11th day i started bleeding after sex and it lasted all day and then i had some brownish discharge and it stoped i was just wondering am i pregnant or is there something else wrong with me?