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My sister is 22 and she keeps getting hypos I think. She’ll be like, doing her normal stuff and then she says she’s all dizzy and feels faint and thinks that she’s going to collapse. It’s only been the past few weeks that she’s been feeling like this but I don’t know what to do to help her. Does anyone know of anyone else who isn’t diabetic and gets hypos? What could be causing it, and what to do about it? Thanks


Your sister sounds like there’s something going on – I’m not surprised you’re worried. Firstly why do you think she’s having a hypo? There may be lots of other things that it could be – people who suffer from anxiety often get the sort of symptoms that you’re describing, also known as panic attacks. What she really needs to do is get to the docs straight away and find out if it is a hypo. If it is, there are various reasons why people get low blood sugar. If she does have hypoglycaemia it could be from simply not eating enough food, or from doing loads of exercise without eating enough to give her the energy she needs – this is called fasting hypoglycaemia. If neither of these is the case and she eats plenty and doesn’t do loads of exercise it could be what’s known as reactive glycaemia. This is where body uses glucose quickly but no-one knows why. It can happen after stomach surgery but not always.

Whichever way you look at it you sister should go and get herself checked out, cos she’s only young and shouldn’t be feeling like that. Even if it does turn out to be something like a panic attaché at least she’ll be able to get help. Hope she gets herself sorted out and feels better soon.