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Hey, i have recently posted about my myopia problems. I have just aquired bifocals (top half -0.75 to compensate for shortsightedness and a + prescripton for the bottom half for reading). I dont actually need + lens for reading but my optician said it should help relax my muscles for reading (my eyesight did go worse when i was wearing my shortighted glasses for close work). Just want to know the theory behind prescribing a + lens to relax eyes (ie, what this does to my eye muscles) and could it cause my eyes to become longsighted aswell as shortsighted? Ive been experiencing alot of symptons since ive gone myopic (get extremely tired and headaches when dont wear glasses and same if wear them for close work for too long. Will these bifocals help relieve my symptons. If theres anyone out there who uses bifocal or anyone with experience in eyes and eye muscles etc then any information would be great :-) Thanks in advace


What he is talking about isn't the muscles but the lens in your eye. The lens can "accomodate" by altering shape to gain different plus prescriptions naturally. As we age this lens loses elasticity and can't create as high power for closework and thus we need reading glasses. I assume you are middle aged and your lens as probably lost some of its power and by giving you a small reading prescription the optom has allowed you to have some more range in your reading.

It's complicated but I hope I helped a little :-)