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I pretty much woke up christmas morning with a sore tongue. As the day progressed I could feel painful sores at the tip and my tongue felt like I burnt it with hot tea or coffee even though I hadnt. The next day the couldnt feel the sores and just had the burnt tongue feeling, then yesterday it felt a lot better but as I went to bed I could feel burning painful sores appearing on the tip. When I woke this morning they wernt burning anymore but I could see a cluster of small white sores on the tip which are very annoying and the whole bottom part of my tongue is just sore to touch.

I've never had anything like this before, on a side note my mum has started get a few mouth sores too and my nethew who we babysit a lot recently had the hand, foot and mouth virus. I was thinking it could be that but thought the mouth ulcers were a lot more severe then a couple on the end of the tongue like mine.


Hello, danblukk.  It sounds like you did get the hand, foot, and mouth virus.  It spreads easily through coughing, sneezing, and through infected stool, so if you all were changing diapers, etc.  you had many opportunities to catch the virus. It was not as severe in your case as often times adults may not have symptoms at all or a lesser case of it.  You will have the symptoms for about a week then you will be fine.  It is a virus so antibiotics will not help you.  Just drink lots of fluids and take Tylenol for your discomfort.

Has anyone else had hand, foot, and mouth disease?