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For the last ten years now i've suffer with dry mouth every time i eat to much spicy food.  I get little white bumps on both sides of my tongue along with white stuff down the sides as well.  After few days my tongue just goes back to normal however this week after Two days of Spicy food the same thing happened but this time  i've got one ulcer either side of the tongue like red blisters.

It's so painful right now it's hard to eat and talk


Tuesday and Wednesday had the spicy food  my tongue went white on the sides

Today  ( Saturday )  got the blisters like ulcers


I'm going to see my local doctor on monday,  is there anything i can do that would help until then ?




I don’t think that this is any infection or any other disease. If I am not mistaking you are most likely allergic to something in the spicy food. In my opinion you should go to hospital and do an allergy test to confirm this. The thing is that you just might be allergic to one thing and avoiding this you may enjoy the spicy food later. The fact that you have ulcers now is most likely because you eat too much of this. You should try to use some antibiotics to get rid of the ulcer on your tongue. You can wash your mouth on regular basis to ease the symptoms and even get rid of the ulcers on your tongue.

Good luck,