So I've been reading around the site and noticed alot of terrible stories. So I wanted to post a positive post to let people know it's not all bad.
I just got my tonsils removed yesterday. So maybe it's too early to tell. But I've been able to drink 2 or three liters of water every day, albeit I have to force it but there's ot really pain.. It's just uncomfortable, but it is bearable. I used to get strep or some form of infection and deffinately rather this pain compared to that. I have been able to eat soup and icecream with just an uncomfortable feeling.
My question... How do I get rid of the body pain? I'm thinking it's just because of the anesthesia and my body being weak, but I just don't want to move. I have been awake for 12 hours and have only left the couch 4 times. It hurts too much to move..

Advice for anyone... I know it might be painful, so you're not going to want to. But if you go into surgery thinking "Drink alot and eat that popscicle" you'll wake up and that might be the first thing you ask for.. That is what I did. It'll make recovery so much easier from my experience. Drinking hurts terribly first thing in the morning, but just force yourself to do so. The pain will go away in less than 5 minutes if you just lubricate your throat. When it comes down to it I feel the pain in the throat is more so from lack of lubrication than from the surgery.