I decided that since I got a lot of help and reassurance from websites like this one that I would post my experiences so that I may be of use to other people. I will apologize now for the length of this but I hope it will be of some help. 

I was not a sufferer of tonsillitis much, but I had inflamed tonsils, making it difficult for me to swallow and causing bad breath etc... I went to the GP after seeing someone on Embarrassing Bodies with tonsils the same as mine and I got a referral and after that consultation I was told I could have a tonsillectomy. I quickly got my date which was less than 2 weeks away :s I was petrified, did some online research and thought it was all OK.

So eventually the day came, and I had to be at hospital for 8am. I was put on my bay and given my gown etc... I was OK if I'm honest, not nervous or anything, just a bit annoyed with the lack of awareness the nurses seemed to have of me and the 5 other women on my bay, but that's the NHS for you. So anyway, I woke up in recovery with a slight sore throat, I was amazed at how much it didn't hurt, I was expecting it to be super painful. I rated it a 7 on a scale of 1-10 and was given some pain relief which reduced it to a 3 so I was allowed to go back on the ward. I was talking to the nurse in recovery with no problem, I just asked for a glass of water, which was obviously understandable as I hadn't drank anything for about 5 hours by that point.

So back on the ward, my pain remained OK and bearable, about an hour afterwards I had a Tuna Mayo sandwich with a bag of crisps and a cup of tea. I drank 2 jugs of water during my time on the ward and another 2 bottles of Ribena that my Mam had bought me. I couldn't sleep because of the distractions which is all I wanted to do but I was allowed to go home at about 8pm and slept until the next morning. 

On Day 2 I was taking regular pain killers and going to bed every few hours for an hour or so at a time. While I was awake all I was doing was sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking a lot of water. I was still eating OK and the pain was bearable and very suprising. On Day 3 my Mam had to go back to work so I was on my own all day which was quite scary. I managed fine but the pain is worse when I wake up as I haven't drank or had painkillers all night. I read that some people were waking up every few hours for a drink and painkillers but I'm still sleeping all through the night. 

Day 4 was much the same, painkillers every 2 hours and normal food, well, I had 2 Pain Au Chocolats for breakfast, a sandwich and a bag of crisps for lunch, custard and mousse for snacks. I can drink tea, hot chocolate and am much enjoying the occasional bowl of ice cream after a meal to soothe the pain a little bit. I even managed to eat Battered Sausage and Chips with curry sauce and ketchup on Day 4 and was fine.

It is Day 5 now and the pain was notably worse this morning and my throat was very dry but that went away after a lot of water and pain killers. I am trying to reduce the amount of painkillers I am taking because I am feeling very spaced out and hate that feeling. Today I am going to avoid sitting on the couch watching TV all day because I think I will go insane, I'm just going to sit in my room at my desk and do some preparation work for Uni. 

I noticed that when I was looking for information there was little about smoking. I am a regular smoker and had 2 cigs on the morning of my op and then none until Tuesday morning. I smoked very slow and was very cautious, had it of hurt I would have stopped smoking that cig immediately but it didn't so I carried on. I am not interested in quitting just yet so please don't say anything! I have been smoking since, not as regularly as I was before the op but still about 5-6 a day rather than 10-12. 

I'm not looking forward to the scabs falling off, but there is nothing I can do now ... just try not to go insane doing nothing! I am going to try and get out the house tomorrow for a while :D

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on here, or email me (available on my profile).

Hope I have helped at least 1 person with my huge rant, thanks and good luck :D