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Tonsils out 3/5/09

Ok..42 years old and needing a tonsillectomy…ohmy! But, it was a necessity as I can’t tolerate yet another throat/sinus/ear/upper respiratory year after year caused by these bad-boys, and all those antibiotics required to kill the infections! Just this past year alone Oct, Nov,Dec & Jan, I was on 4 rounds of antibiotics! So, I consulted with my doctor and was reassured that the tonsillectomy was the way to go…After reading all of the online horror story blogs I could find, I was unsure what I would be feeling after my tonsillectomy. I usually have a very high pain tolerance (no drugs with either son, no pain meds after hysterectomy, sinus surgery etc) so I was hoping it wouldn’t be so bad.

Day 1, Tonsillectomy Day : Surgery was very quick: After all the prep, IV, anesthesia, surgery started around 8:30 am and I was on my way home from the surgical center by 11:00am. The doctor had injected Novocain type pain killer around the area to help ease any discomfort I may have. After I got home, I was not groggy, tired or in any discomfort. I actually had a lot of energy & after 2 hours of being home, I was already getting antsy. As the day went on, the Novocain wore off…..but surprisingly, I still didn’t have any pain! Since everything is swollen, uvula etc. it felt as if there’s a huge chunk of phlegm in my throat that needs to be coughed out…so it does feel weird swallowing because of the swelling, but no pain. Still, no need for pain meds. I had mostly ice water this first day, as I was unsure if anything else like sherbet or juice would burn.My doc suggests NO SOLID FOOD for 2-3 WEEKS!! He said that even though by week 2 i'll be feeling ok...he doesn't want me to jump in & eat something that could rip open the scabs ,wind up in the hospital having to be cauterized :-( So, I think I'll take his advice & maybe even lose a few pounds :-) Even though you’ll spend more time in the bathroom, it’s absolutely to stay hydrated..keep drinking & don’t stop…that will help ward-off fever, help flush the anesthesia & just overall help you heel faster &feel better. I was a little worried, however, what the morning would bring, since I usually sleep with my mouth wide open…afraid that my throat would dry out too badly.

Day 2: I do remember waking a few times last night, having a drink of ice water, which must have helped because my throat isn’t painful at all ! In an unusually good mood this morning…still full of energy (which is usual because I have fibromyalgia, don’t usually sleep well & am always tired ) The swelling is down a bit, but still feels “in the way”. I started the day with ice water. Made a “smoothie” in the blender with ice, protein powder and a splash of milk.Yummy & the ice cold felt great ! I then moved onto orange jello…that was a bit weird though. It didn’t burn but left a strange aftertaste. I am fortunate enough to work at home as a medical transcriptionist, so I can hang around the house recovering & still get my work done, no calling in sick, which I’m very thankful for. So ~ so far, day 2 is going very well. If this is the worst it’s going to be, then I’m in Heaven I can only imagine that each day is going to get better. Although I was told that somewhere around day 10, it may get worse because of the scabbing..yipee..something to look forward to…sounds gross, but just part of the natural healing process : )

well..more to come on Day3 ...


I am 43 and just had mine out! I am on day 3 and it is the worst pain ever! Nothing I do seems to help ease the pain either!