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I decided to write about my experiances after having a tonsillectomy to help people who are about to undergo this surgery or are currently healing cope!

As the title states I am a 18year old female, so not in the childs boat of things but my recovery rate has been quite a bit quicker than some other older people. And I have to say it has NOT been as bad as some people have said! So hopefully those of you who are seriously debating cancelling your op (I was minutes from phoning and cancelling after reading some peoples experiances!) won't after hearing that you WILL survive!

Oh and just for reference I am British so this is from a UK hospital standpoint.

Day 1 (aka day of surgery) <- Don't read if has op before! Its a break down of what happens before op.
This was my first operation so I had to mentally prepare myself for the whole week commencing up to this op! I was scared about the anaesthetic, the recovery, would I wake up in the operation? would I never wake up again! Yes alot of paranoid thoughts ran through my brain but wow...were the staff in my hospital so nice! I arrived at 8:00am and was admitted into day surgery straight away. An anaesthetist came over and told me what to expect when I was being 'put out' and then my doctor came over and asked if I had any questions. I then spent the next 4 hours bored out of my mind waiting to get it over with! During that time a nurse came and took my blood pressure and temp (via ear thermometer) and asked me a series of questions from 'are you wearing metal' to 'are your pants cotton' and checked that I hadnt eaten/drank since midnight the night before (this is important as if you have eaten you could end up vomiting while 'under' and can asphyxiate which is not good!). Scientifically you can drink clear fluids (water...) up to 2 hours before your op but the nurse has the right to turn you away if you have so don't! At about 12:00pm my porter came and under normal circumstances you would leave your family/belongings behind and go off with them and a nurse however I am fortunate enough that my mum is a theatre nurse so was allowed to have her instead! Which admittingly was a comfort. You have the option to either lie on the bed and be pushed or walk, I chose the latter as I felt it unecessary for the poor guy to push me when I was perfectly capable walking myself!! You then wait in a 'holding bay' for a few minutes before yet more nurses come and ask you the same questions you've answered numerous times (this is hospital procedure, you will be asked again and again!) before pushing you into the anaesthetists room. This was the funny part as I was wheeled in to see 4 people beaming at me! That really put me at ease, and they laughed and joked around before putting the needle in my hand (I do NOT like needles so asked the nurse who previously checked me for the special numming cream, it is AMAZING! I couldn't feel anything :) ) and giving me gas to breathe on. They then administered some stinging cream into my hand and I started giggling and felt wonderful! (apparently its a medical form of opiate...hence the feeling of being high!) The next thing I remember is waking up and seeing nurse staring down at me smiling. I tried talking and could! But was slurring BIG time! Also not an entirely pleasant thing...but my lips felt really really dry and I realised they were coated in dry blood....yummy...not! However on the plus side there was barely any pain! I guess this is because I was still doped up though. I then was wheeled back into day surgery and on my journey there had a lovely slurred chat with my porters :P

I was then given a jug of water and introduced to my new nurse (who would care for my for the remainder of my trip). For the next 2 hours I slept on and off, this was probably due to the anaesthetic as I did feel really drowzy. After a good nap I drank my first gulp of water- wow it felt weird! It did hurt, pretty bad but the next sip was fine?! So I forced myself to drink a cup before asking my nurse for a sandwich. (egg-mayo, very soft!). Happily I managed to eat the sandwich and drink 2 jugs of water so was feeling good! Around 5:30pmish they brought dinner round and I opted for cottage pie. I suggest waiting until your food is lukewarmish before eating as it is NOT fun to eat hot food while the back of your mouth is sore. After having the nurse check me over (blood pressure and temp again) she said she thought I should be fine to go home! I was talking, had been to the bathroom and was able to eat, drink and walk around (by the way they don't let you get out of bed until 2 hours post-return to ward) . At 8:00pm I was released from hospital and went back home.

The medicine I was given by the hospital was -
Ibruprofen 400mg (3x a day every 8 hours)
Co-codamol (2 tablets dissolved in water 4x a day) <- the smell/taste and even look of this made me feel so ill I stopped taking it on day 3.

I took my tablets and went to bed around 10pmish.

TIP- sleep with 2/3 pillows. That way any fluid drains into your stomach rather than filling up your mouth, and can prevent choking.

Day 2
Woke up in a bit of pain (this is when I learnt that setting alarms throughout the night for med's is the best thing to do)
I managed to eat scrambled eggs and soft toast for breakfast, crisps for lunch and a chicken kiev with chips for dinner.
I also drank about 2 litres of water. Drinking is really important for this op as it keeps the scabs thin and the throat moist thus aiding the healing process.
Day 2 on a pain scale was about 2/10. Very very mild, and it does put a bit of false hope in you!

Night time however was a different story. At about 3:00am I woke up shivering and feeling really ill. I then preceeded to vomit hourly until about 7:00am. Not fun. Surprisingly it didn't hurt my throat which was my biggest fear! This is when I stopped taking co-codamol and my ears began to hurt. My mum had a theory to why I was sick (besides the anaesthetic), your ears are your system of balance. I was lying on my side and because my ears where hurting and not balanced it made me ill.

So TIP- sleep on your back and with your head straight up, it really works!

I then took an anti-nausea pill and felt fine.

Day 3
Pain scale 3.5/10
Ate strawberrys for breakfast, crisps for lunch and mash potatoe with beans and ham for dinner.
Not much happened on this day apart from I swapped the co-codamol for paracetamol and this greatly improved my mood. Oh and now I decided not to talk as that did hurt. Oh and my mum bought me sorbet!

TIP- DONT eat DAIRY products! Like icecream. It forms excess mucus something you really don't want in your condition so sorbet is a great alternative!

Day 4
Pain scale 4/10 + BAD stomach.
As many of you who have had the op may have noticed is lack of going to the bathroom. I am not going to go into specifics but lets just say bowel movements stop! So on day 4 my stomach began to hurt big time. More so than my tonsils, which was weird as I couldn't decide which pain to focus on! I spent about 70% of day 4 sleeping and holding my stomach. Breakfast consisted off a nibble of strawberry and a bite of toast, lunch was non-existant (I think I got past the point of hunger where you dont want to eat as it hurts more...strange but this happens to me!) and dinner was scrambled egg, chopped up bacon and toast. Admittingly I didn't really eat much dinner...
Oh and day four the BAD taste began to kick in and I mean BAD. I also felt like I had something dangling in my throat, a bad tasting dangly thing. Not nice. But this is the scabs forming so I suppose its good to have a warning signal!)

Day 5
Pain scale- 5/10
Horrible horrible taste. I had my tonsils taken out due to tonsil stones (which cause a BAD taste) so was pretty miffed that having the damn things taken out led to a worst taste! But there is a positive! It DOES go away! Breakfast consisted of toast, lunch was tomatoe soup and bread and dinner was salmon en croute with mash and peas. Now people say don't eat tomatoes, I do agree in the sense that I wouldn't eat an actual tomatoe (the acid would BURN!) but the soup was fine! One thing that DOES burn though is banana's! Strangely they burn burn burn.


I am lucky that my pain only kicks in when I swallow, as some unfortunate souls do have 24/7 pain. But don't let this deterre you, you MUST swallow to aid the healing process.

My scabs started falling of on the evening of day 5. I thought this was REALLY strange as apparently they're suppost to form on day 5...but amongst the white of my throat were patches of pink! Thankgod, recovery is getting nearer every day :)
WARNING though, I think my first scab fell off because I opened my mouth too wide to eat my choc moose and WOW did it hurt. Its not a lingering long term pain, more of a sharp 'been stabbed in the mouth with spikey glass' 3 second pain. I found that holding my hands on the top of my head helped...not sure if this is an actual scientifc pain relief but it worked for me!

Day 6
Pain scale 6/10
Pain did start to kick in, and I started to get really fed up. I ate the same as the day before. Still not able to talk and ear pain got worse. Something I did discover on day 6 though is sneezing HURTS! Big time! So if you feel a sneeze coming on, try your utmost to stop it! My ears felt like I had stuck a bomb in them and blew it up, not fun! Pain scale for sneezing 10/10 but only lasts 5 secs max.

The night of Day 6 was pretty bad for me. My scabs are properly coming of now (about 40-50% have come off) and the ear pain was intense. Just make sure you take you meds on the dot. The worst thing that happened was around 2 in the morning I choked on spit causing me to splutter and cough. Pain scale - 10/10. Do NOT cough and splutter if you can help it! I spent about 5 minutes gasping in pain. But have no fear, this can be avoided! As it happens I stupidly decided to abandon pillows and sleep on my side. BAD move, this is why mucus and spit built up in my throat so remember my TIPS! They're there for a reason :)

Day 7
Woke up in pain due to coughing incident in early hours but after I had eaten breakfast and gone to the doctors (for a jab...for my trips abroad and I am running out of time! Probably not best to book on a 'recovery' day but this is proof that my pain was subsiding!) the pain almost disappeared! Its now about 1.5/10 and my ear ache is minimal so VERY happy! Throats a little itchy but nothing I can't handle

I know I still have 7 days for the 'all clear' but all I can say is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and boy is it bright! Don't worry people about to get this op, every hour your pass is an hour closer to recovery and as long as your stock up on films/tv programmes you will survive. I would say take 2 weeks off work as even on Day 7 I wouldnt want to go back to work just yet, and I am still worried for infection risk (whilst in the doctors I breathed through a scarf!). Also if you are getting help from family/friends dont be fooled into letting them go after the inital 3 days, you WILL need them for at least a week (if they are that accomadating :P). I couldn't imagine having to look after children whilst going through this so a support system would be very beneficial.

Good Luck!


The day of my surgery I went in at 7:00 and I was called back to sign papers and get my wrist bands 30 minutes after waiting. When I was called back I was asked questions like am I allergic to anything and then right after they made me pee in a cup. When I finally was able to go into my room my mom was with my and my best friend had to stay in the waiting room. The doctor came and talked then she started to set me up on the IV. But couldn't find a vain the first time in my hand so she kept feeling around and found one in the area between my thumb and wrist once she had it on she told me the doctors will come in to give me the "happy" medicine. They came and gave me the happy medicine and wheeled me into the room where they are going to perform my surgery and they gave me the medicine to put me to sleep once I woke up I was done with surgery. I didn't feel any pain just yet because of the medicine still running through my vain but the day after a little pain came and I took my pills which were hydrocodone and ibuprofen and ate ice cream. So the following days after I didn't have any pain so I started to eat regular food but not food that would hurt me I ate cut up hot dogs one day, the next day I ate a sandwich,the next day I ate a salad and I haven't really experienced any pain only nausea and now I'm almost two weeks into my healing.


Yooo Kurt 28 tonsilectomy/deviated septum surgery

Lmao about the bananas. Pro tip def do not eat bananas. Burns like acid. Makes no sense at all.


bananas can and do make you sick to your stomach so must be some type of acid release. been my experience at least