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HI ! :-D I'm 22 years old, i just had my tonsils out 9 days ago!! Here's what happened...
The first day when i got back home i puked twice that night. It felt like I was giving birth to a baby through my mouth!! o.O I believe it was from the morphine and vicodin and having nothing in my stomach. It was horrible!!
The second through 4 day was a blurr. I was so sick from vicodin that i switched to tylenol 3 with codeine. I only ate chicken broth
The 4-5-6 day was painful and scabby and sick tasting!! Felt like seaweed in your mouth cause the scabs were falling off when you swallow. I ate chicken broth and a bit of mack and cheese.
7-8 was horribly even more painful cause the nerves are coming back to life.
today i'm on day 9...over all the pain has drastically decreased but I have a new's on my left side, it feels like a needle is poking me every time i swallow???????????? wtf???? I hope it goes away! Did anyone else experience this on day 9??? At least i can eat some solids but i still can't talk!!! Is this normal??? i really want to talk!!!!!!! ?

all in all ice chips and ice packs are the way to go.


Hi :-D I am 40 and had my tonsils out 5 days ago, I had a general anaesthetic and felt very sick after the op, I was given a medication for the nausea and slept for a few hours.
The pain was almost non existent that day due to the pain killers given during the operation.
I was encouraged by the doctors and nurses to eat normally as soon as I felt hungry so after having the procedure at 9.30 am by 2pm I was eating a really terrible cheese sandwich.
I had a ham salad for dinner that evening and have eaten totally normally ever since. I had an overnight stay in hospital and went home the next morning. The doctor says that eating normally encourages healing in the throat, he also endorses chewing gum, and I must say that at day 5 I have no idea of a scab in my throat. I am in pain but it is no worse than the tonsilitis I have been getting for the last 35 years. For pain relief I am taking paracetomol 4 times a day and Ibuprofen 3 times a day. The worse time is during the night, I am snoring like an old sow because I have a rather phlegmy throat at the moment and end up sleeping with my mouth open which in turn leaves me with a very dry mouth and throat. I think today is my worst day for pain so far but I am on the mend and fully expect to go back to work when my 2 weeks sick leave is up.
I know that this is just my experience of this procedure but I think it illustrates quite well the different approaches that the medical professions take to the recovery of their patients after this operation. From eating to pain relief. My medical professionals are also happy for me to use homoeopathic remedies to help with the healing process so I have been taking a fruit tonic with iron, arnica for healing (a tip I picked up after having a caesarian 8 ears ago) and milk thistle to encourage my liver and kidneys to perform to their utmost capacity after the anaesthetic.
I hope you felt better soon after this post.