I am a 19 year old male who had a tonsillectomy by electrocautery method? on Monday (3 days ago) and would like to share my experiences so far and would like to know what I can expect to come.

On Monday after doing all the normal hospital business I was given an injection about an hour before my surgery, this was in my thigh and was meant to help me to relax. I believe this worked as my memory of all events after this are slightly hazy, although I remember being wheeled to the operating theatre, where an oxygen mask was placed on me. I can distinctly remember having 3 deep breathes and on the 4th one coughing and spluttering uncontrollably. To my amazement between this 3rd and 4th breath I had fallen asleep, had the operation completed, and woken up.

I am not sure why I was coughing so much but once it settled down I was offered some painkillers which they put through my drip and I felt nearly 100% better. Upon returning to the room where I was to stay the night I was given a roast dinner which I ate nearly all of. Throughout the evening I sucked on ice and sat upright as I was told this would reduce swelling and help my recovery.

The next morning I was discharged and offered more painkillers although I did not feel I needed them as I only felt I had a small sore throat. When I got home I just watched TV, sucked on ice and went to sleep. Whenever I woke up I just drank as much water as possible and ate whatever I wanted.

Today is now day 3 and I have only been taking my anti-biotics, havn't had any pain killers in more that 24 hours. I find the pain much less than when I was sick with tonsillitis and only apparent when I swallow.

Is it silly of me to give up the pain killers now? Will I regret this in a few days time, or if the pain becomes unbearable and I resume taking the painkillers will they be equally as effective as if I had been taking them all along. Should I be expecting major pain in the next few days in my throat and ears? Or since I have gotten through it so easily so far can I expect that the rest of my recovery will be ok too? Thanks for any advice,