I'm a 28 year old male and I had my giant constantly infected useless tonsils snared from throat 9 days ago. Day 1. Operating time 840am. You change into a nice pair of hospital pants and a house coat, then they give you an idea of whats going to happen. IV was put into my hand where the pumped the drugs to me while making small talk until I passed out..... Woke up 45 minutes later with three nurses asking me how I felt. I felt high as f**k! which is what I told them quite a few times hahaha. Pain at this point, zero. Off to another room to wait for the drugs to wear off, drink some water take a piss and I'm home 5 hours after surgery. Pain by the time I get home about a 3. All they gave me for pain was Tylenol 3. What a joke. First meal upon arriving home scrambled eggs and overcooked pasta, went down no problem. Uvula is the size of a f*****g Beaver tail hanging down my throat choking me. Layed, well sat in bed (cuz I could'nt breath if I layed on my back) drinking immense amounts of water and drinking protein shakes and eating soft foods while watching movies I've already seen for the next three days. During the first three days there was moments of immense pain if I slept to long without drinking anything or forgot to take my pills. But all in all the pain was pretty manageable.(a friend brought me some percocet for the extra painful moments) Day 4 and 5. Back of my throat is completely covered in thick white scabs which are starting to come off in small pieces that taste like dog sh*t. Spit small amounts of blood out as well. Uvula still like a nut sack hanging in my throat. New level of pain present as well as my throat being cold sensitive now, wtf. I found it harder to eat for these two days, warm tea with honey was wonderful though. Pain got up to probably an 8 at times. Day 6 and 7 a lot more of the scabs are off now and it's easier to eat. My uvula seems to be less swollen. I made it out of the house both days for a rip on my motorcycle things are looking up. Most painful times around a 6 if I forgot to drink or take pain meds. Day 8 and today I'm pretty much back to a normal diet, making sure to chew my food well and eat slowly, chicken and rice have never been so good. scabs are pretty well completely gone and my uvula is almost normal size again hahaha thank f**k. Still taking painkillers but not as often, pain is zero unless swallowing food or if I let my throat dry out. I'll be going back it work in two days :). Pretty shitty experience but totally manageable if you stay hydrated and EAT as much as you can, you need protein and vitamins to heal (jello ain't gunna cut it). Pretty happy I did it, no more constant colds or sleep apnea I hope. Good luck and stay hydrated.