I had sex with my ex boyfriend (I know, how stupid of me..) 4 days ago. 2 days ago I noticed that my vagina was slightly more red and a little irritated/itchy. I called my ex boyfriend last night and asked him if he was experiencing something different in the genitalia and he agreed that he has, and he has a bump on his penis that showed 2 days ago. He said his penis is a little red and he has a very small red/skin coloured bump on the tip. I am very concerned because I had unprotected sex with someone else while my ex and i were broken up/still are broken up. I asked this "someone else" if he has anything and he said "absolutely not" and i am certain he doesn't. I am not experiencing any bumps on/in my vagina although it hasn't been that long since i experienced the itchiness. My ex and I went to the clinic and I went in first, explaining that it could be a yeast infection as I wore tampons to bed a couple times during my period which i have never done before. She took a swab and said that I would know within 2-3 days if its a yeast infection. I honestly would hope it is. I hear that you can pass it along to your partner. I am very concerned! I am currently on canesten, just started it tonight. Could this be gonorrhoea? Chlamydia? Genital Herpes? Please help!

P.s. he hasnt slept with anyone since we broke up, which was 3-4 months ago.