Ok so one day I was taking a shower and I was you know scrubbing down their, & I guess I scrubbed too hard and I hurt myself but it eventually went away. Anyways so I woke up the next morning with itchiness like the inside of my vagina lips & it just basically itched a lot. I looked at it and it was just a little red, I guess it was from all the itching I was doing. Well when I take a shower I clean down their gently and when the water hits my clit it's starts to burn and itch so much idk what it is. Then i looked today and i see a small little white bump that itches soooo bad. I dont have any weird smell or nothing just itches so much and burns. Just a slight discharge... I'm kinda scared to find out what it is. Does anyone else have this problem if so did it go away did you go see a doc? Do you know what it could be? & I am sexually active .? I hope it isn't like a std I only had sex with one guy we were both virgins