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I am going insane trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I plan on scheduling a doctors appointment for next week.

I've had this happen to me at least a handful of times over the years. I believe it has occured both before and after I became sexually active.

Usually a week before my period and sometimes during my period my vagina will itch pretty bad. Sometimes it burns - usually only if it becomes irritated in addition to the itching (after/during sex)... The area right around the opening of my vagina is red... no bumps or blisters. After a few days of this itching and burning, I notice the skin of my labia minora peeling off... You know when you have chapped lips? and they look all crusty and your skin peels? well that's how my labia minora gets when i experience this problem.

i am just not sure....
yeast infection? vagadynis? bacterial vaginosis?

I'm also not sure what to do at the doctors office - i can describe my symptoms but i'm on my period now and the symptoms usually cease at some point during or after my period. so, are there tests i should have the doc run or what?

also - i noticed this tiny bump just inside my vagina a few months ago. i had my partner look at it he said it just looked like a little pimple... okay whatever, it went away, and then a couple months later it came back in the exact same spot. i was squeeing it and messing with it like crazy trying to figure out what it was, and it turned into a little ulcer. i went to the doctor - she was convinced it was herpes... so she took a swab culture and i came in for a blood test about 5 days after. she said all the results came back okay - i didnt have herpes. but she also didnt have another explanation for it! i read that if the sore is near healing there may not be enough of the virus present to show up in the swab test... it was healing and went away the next day or day after (when my period started)

any ideas? thanks girls. :$ :-(


I have had all the problems you described except for the peeling. In my case, the recurring bump was simply a cyst, and unrelated to the itchiness. The itchiness/redness was its own issue, and was a symptom of skin sensitivity/allergies. I've been able to make most of my symptoms go away by doing the following:

1. I switched to a menstrual cup rather than tampons/pads. The Diva Cup is hypoallergenic. It's also easy to use and more affordable than disposable products.
2. I switched to hypoallergenic toilet paper. Seventh Generation makes some.
3. I switched to hypoallergenic laundry soap. You can make your own pretty inexpensively: Grate 1 bar of plain castile soap and stir in 4 cups each of borax and baking soda. 2 Tablespoons of this mixture per load of laundry gets your clothes very clean without irritating your skin.
4. I switched to hypoallergenic soap to bathe.
5. Of course, wear loose fitting clothes, and no synthetics in your undies.

I hope this helps.


So did you get any answer to what causes this and did you get treatment for it what kind of medicine did you take...


Im only 16 and my vagina itches really bad.. and it burns after i try to scratch it tbh. I cant help it. Im too embarrassed to go doctors but i know i have to. On the top,like theres these bumps growing.sometimes they go away but i get scared..i also had this 2 years ago but it was worse hurts when i pee (before)..but now there is just bumps. And its not those tiny pimples..its like bumps like boils..yeh one swells up..the other bump is purple and just flat a little. And the other one is peeling.andd the other one is like a small red pimple..idk. i never had sex. But idk. Im scared. And now i just shaved but im so stupid, i researched online AFTER i shaved. God.. they said not to shave. Maybe its yeast infection but. I gotta get antibiotics