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Hallo everyone I am currently writing a book about family naturism and would like to ask both naturist and non naturist members here to contribute and share their experiences and opinions about the following topics:

Nudity in front of the kids- do you allow it or do you cover up and why

Nude massage - do you practice nude massage with adults and children at home, how often does this take place and describe what happens during a massage.

Nude yoga - do you practice as a family.

Boys erections - how do you react to this. Do you tell them to cover up or be free and why.

What do the kids tell their friends at school about the naturist lifestyle.

What do you do and say if your child's school friend wants to join in the lifestyle when visiting

Do you allow your child to go nude when a school friend is visiting or staying over ( boy and girl friends)

What do you tell your kids to do if they sleep nude at home but then go stay over at a friends house.

What is the family bed

What do you do if a schoolfriend is staying over and wants to join in on the family bed.

Only the clean and honest responses will be considered for inclusion in the book with recognition given to the participants. Feel free to message me privately if you want to.


Morning all 

I would really appreciate it if parents would respond to my information request on my book about naturism / nudism. As I mentioned before you will get recognition in the book for your contribution.  Take care