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I am 14 years old, and for the past 2 years I have been sick almost every 2 months, sometimes worse than others.

I have low blood pressure: 100/60 and I have just recovered from having pneumonia last month. I also have suffered for the past 2 years extreme dizzy spells combined with nausea and hot/cold flashes, but these symptoms would generally last 10 minutes and after lying down I would be fine again. I have been to a few different doctors, and they all tell me what I already know, I have low blood pressure, and this is all they would say.

I am sick again, these symptoms are extreme dizziness (I fainted down a flight of stairs), heavy nausea, diarrhea (not watery), and hot/cold flashes. I will go to a doctor, but does anyone have any ideas on what can cause these symptoms?



have your intestines checked out, it sounds like what i went through when i was little ,,turned out to be malrotation of the intestines.