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The past three weeks I've been having some type of attacks. I feel really really full after eating a normal amount of food which makes me feel nauseous but I don't throw up, I feel chest tightness / feeling like I'm not able to draw a full breath, bloated, and because I panic when I throw up I have anxiety attcks which causes my heart to beat fast but it all has to do with the other sypmtoms. I went to the hospital and they did an ecg, ekg, and an ultra sound on my heart but like I said I know its nothing in my heart. This has happened 5 times and it feels horrible to me. Finally it starts going away when I start to burp. I feel like I want to do those huge manly burps but when it starts I can't burp at all. Then after about 30-40 mins I slowly start to burp little burps which little by little I feel better. What can this be?


Hello, Guest. I have read your post, and I agree with you with the fact that it isn't your heart.  I think your reaction to the chest tightening and bloat you feel is causing an anxiety attack.  I think you may have an obstruction or a hiatal hernia.  The symptoms of one can be heartburn, fatigue, difficult swallowing, and belching.  You should see about getting an endoscopy with a gastroenterologist and see if that is the case.  Or see if you have a tumor or growth. I see you didn't mention acid reflux, but I have to ask, do you have it?  That would be something important to mention to the doctor.  Has anyone else had these symptoms?  What did the doctor say it was?