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Hi i am a 16 year old boy who LOVES TO jerk off, i need a way to get more pleasure out of masterbating, ive wanted to try to stick things in my anus but i dont know how to start.


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Is there such a thing as a 16 year old boy who doesn't?

I never tried any anal stuff so I can't help you there.

If you are circumcised I don't know if this would do much for you, probably not, as much of the sensitivity you need to enjoy this has been killed.

When I was your age I used to masturbate at night to prevent wet dreams. My foreskin was a little tight and sometimes it would get stuck behind my glans until my erection went down. Often I would fall asleep with it back there but usually it would be back in place by the time I woke up in the morning. However once in a while it stayed back and my glans was dry and no longer hyper sensitive when I awoke. When this happened I found it was really pleasurable to play with my bare glans.

I wanted to make it happen so I could enjoy that without having to wait all night hoping it would happen by morning. Besides it was more convenient to be able to do it when I wanted to. I had to find a way to get it clean and dry. Washing it with soap didn't work well as the soap was somewhat irritating and when that happened it lasted for a few days. That meant it hurt to play with it for a few days and I didn't like that. I tried using other things to clean it but the best was rubbing alcohol. Holding my foreskin tightly back and using that on a cotton ball to wash it was/is an exciting feeling. It feels cold at first, then warm, then it tingles as the alcohol evaporates. When it's dry I can move my fingers all over my glans and inner foreskin smoothly without them sticking or pulling. That is as pleasurable a feeling as you want to make it. You can rub it as gently or as tightly as you like to get as much feeling as you want. So you can make it take as long as you want while still having the feeling of being touched until you come.

I like dry rubbing so much I always hold my foreskin tightly back and do it this way. I don't like rolling my foreskin up and down anymore like I did at first.

Even if you are circumcised I think the alcohol might feel good.

There was a girl here recently who said she puts hand sanitizer or toothpaste on her clit for the feeling. Those are another possibility.

I also found that having a cup of ice water to put your hard on into feels pretty good too.








I don't know if this post is still active, but If you want to do "anal" stuff, any thing with rounded eges and is bum hole sized will work, I use those river stoned that you can buy a pound of them at the doller store, I prefer the glass ones, tho be carful because they can get lost up thare.


Look for jackinworld on the Internet.

Masturbation is relaxing, pleasant, enjoyable, harmless, healthy, normal, and contributes to restful sleep if done before bedtime. Masturbation relieves pain from overfilled seminal vesicles. Frequent masturbation prevents wet dreams. Regular ejaculation is associated with better prostate health. Masturbation is a great stress reliever.

You may masturbate as much or as little as you wish.


How you do it depends on whether you have an internally lubricated movable foreskin that glides up and down the shaft or whether you have been unforeskinned.


If you are foreskinned, then all you need to do is glide your foreskin back and forth. The foreskin is internally lubricated with lymphatic fluid and glides without friction. The numerous nerves inside the foreskin are stimulated by the motion and generate pleasurable sensations.


Long and vigorous masturbation can cause the foreskin to become edematous and swollen, which is painless and not a cause for alarm. The edema usually goes down within about 24 hours.


If you are unforeskinned and the skin is taut and immovable, then you will need some lubrication and you need to slide your hand up and down the shaft. You will likely injure yourself without lubricant. Friction burns are common when a male without foreskin masturbates without lubricant. Some lubricants are baby oil, vegetable oil, personal lubricant, soapy water, and saliva.


It is common for an unforeskinned male, who has been deprived of his internally lubricated foreskin, to have friction burns if he does not apply external lubricant.


You may do it in any place where you have privacy.


There is no upper or lower age limit for masturbation.


There are many myths about masturbation, which simply are not true.


Masturbation does NOT cause insanity.

Masturbation does NOT cause you to go blind.

Masturbation does NOT cause hair to grow in your palms.

Masturbation does NOT change hair color.

Masturbation does NOT cause impotence.

Masturbation does NOT prevent fathering children.

Masturbation does NOT stunt your growth.

Masturbation does NOT suck out the nutrients.

Masturbation does NOT lower your testosterone.

Masturbation does NOT raise your testostorone.

Masturbation does NOT cause gynecomastia.

Masturbation does NOT cause pain in the testes.

Masturbation does NOT cause premature ejaculation.

Masturbation does NOT affect height.

Masturbation does NOT cause penile curvature.

Masturbation does NOT affect penis size.

Masturbation does NOT decrease stamina.

Masturbation does NOT cause muscle weakness.

Masturbation does NOT reduce muscle mass.

Masturbation does NOT cause pimples.

Masturbation does NOT cause loss of blood.

Masturbation does NOT make your bones softer.

Masturbation does NOT slow the growth of your penis.

Masturbation does NOT make your penis weak.

Masturbation does NOT make your penis smaller.

Masturbation does NOT release hormones.

Masturbation does NOT make you sexually weak.

Masturbation does NOT cause nerve problems.

Masturbation does NOT cause memory problems.

Masturbation does NOT cause cancer.

Masturbation does NOT cause infection.

Masturbation does NOT cause back pain.

Masturbation does NOT cause body aches.

Masturbation does NOT cause prostate cancer.

Masturbation does NOT cause blurred vision.

Masturbation does NOT cause hair fall.

Masturbation does NOT cause death.




njoyalife has it spot on and it really is a good way to try new things ... I would recommend it.


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What part do you like, the alcohol to clean and dry it?
Rubbing your bare glans when it's dry?