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Curling your hair, if you're a straight haired gal like me, can be a real pain in the neck — figuratively and literally. If you're using a wand or tongs, it take over an hour to curl your hair - which just isn't practical. Here's the easy way.

So, the first — and probably the most important — thing you need to know about creating curls or defining curls that you already have is that you need to change the state. That means either going from wet to dry, or from warm to cool. Without using any heat, or by trying to curl wet hair or dry hair without taking it from wet to dry, the curls will drop out pretty much instantly. Curls form really well when you use heat, which is why we all tend to turn to curlers and wands, but it can be incredibly damaging, especially if you use heated products on your hair more than twice a week.

That's why we thought we'd do an in depth how-to guide on the easiest, simplest way of curling your hair, ever. Like, ever. It'll cost you less than $5 to get started compared to the $30-40 it'd cost you to buy a wand or set of tongs, and it'll take you ten minutes in the morning. Yay!

Gather Your Tools

What do you need? Well, to get these perfect, easy peasy curls, you need bendy hair rollers. You might also see them labelled as flexi rollers, bendy roller rods or heatless rollers. You can pick them up at the drugstore or at a clothes shop, or even online for around $5. Depending on the look you want, you can choose either thicker rollers or thinner rollers. Thicker rollers will give you those big Hollywood glamazon waves; thinner rollers more Ringletty, beachy waves. Or, you could use a mixture of the two. It's really up to you. The thicker rollers can also be used right at the roots to fake a blow-dry, and thinner rollers can add body to shorter haircuts.

You'll also need your hair to be 90 percent dry. You can either put the rollers in on freshly washed hair, or simply mist dry hair with a little bit of water so that it's slightly damp. Either way, it needs to be ever so slightly damp to the touch otherwise the curls won't hold — they'll just drop as soon as you take the curlers out. For extra nourishment, you could spritz your hair with leave-in conditioner, or a hair product that'll help to hold the curl. 

Aside from that, you'll need a comb, some holding spray, and whichever products you like - curl serum, curl spray, dry oil spray: whatever works for your hair.

Time Needed

Now, you can either do this overnight, or you can do it within about 10 minutes. Basically, all you need to do is wait for the hair to dry and however long that takes is how long it'll take the curl to set. The longer you leave the curlers in, the tighter the curls will be and the longer they'll last, but leaving them in for 10 minutes can still leave you with long-lasting curls provided you use the right products and don't try to curl soaking wet hair.

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