Over the past couple of years I have taken a number of meds for bi-polar disorder. Lithium was the longest, zyprexa, etc. I am now on Triliptal and Geodon and Ativan. I have gained 60 pounds that I just cant seem to lose. My whole life I have been somewhere around my average weight. I am now 40. I also have back problems and neck problems and arthritis throughout my spine, so its hard for me to do certain exercises. I do the best that I can but still not one pound seems to come off. I have cut portions in half for the most part...still nothing. I have tried pills and stuff but they do nothing but mess with my needed meds. Due to the bi-polar I got hypothyroidism as well. Am on levothyroxine for that. What can I possibly due to help me lose weight in any way possible.?? My weight hurts my spine and makes it hard for me to breathe...I also have emphysema. My regular doc says I must hide it well cuz I look fine. Its not even about looks anymore, its about breathing and moving and feeling healthy again!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!