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I've hade the hardest time with weight loss i hurt my back and have spinal degenaration and arthritis of the spine also hypothirodism and have had steriod injection in the spine and my children are at me all the time about lossing weight. I've started taking diet pills again i read that high protien help. What are your thoughts on this.


HI, Diet pills are not only dangerous, they do not work in the long run. If you lose weight with them, you are virtually certain to gain it back and more. I don't know if you can do any exercises in a chair, but on PBS there is a program called "Sit & Be Fit" that may help you to be more active. High protein isn't the answer, rather, it is a complete and balanced protein combined with Leucine to help prevent muscle loss while losing fat. Trying to get enough protein from food also usually means getting a lot more fat as well. Muscle loss typically occurs even when you are exercising hard while reducing and this helps prevent that.

You need a complete nutrition program, not only of the correct foods and portions, but of the supplements to make sure that you have all the nutrients that will be in short supply because you are cutting calories.

Please be sure not to use anything that says sugar free or diet like soft drinks, any sweets of any kind that have that on the label, the substitutes are too dangerous to take a chance on. Remember, it is legal to sell products with those artificial sweeteners, but it is not moral. There is too much evidence proving their danger.

I'll be glad to share what I know to help you if you want to contact me.

Take care,