Hey all....I tested positive for pregnancy Saturday 4 days after my period was expected, the same night I started bleeding. I am getting very strong prreg symptoms but all neg tests. Off to doctors today to do bloods and get an order for ultra sound. Partner is recentl snipped so I really shouldn't be preg but frustrating knowing I tested at 8 weeks with my first 2 children with a period throughout. My 3rd was the most normal pregancy on earth for the beginning and I had a Placental Bleed with my fourth which was horrific, but worked out well. So it leaves the mind to boggle that I have a history of bleeding during early preg and my ovulation and periods are regular like clockwork. My bleed was very odd, stopping and starting and going for only 4 days unlike the usual 6-7 hell for leather don't stop till ya drop crazy heavy..THIS time was different, I am now 2 weeks late and STILL testing negative, I will be just over 6 weeks now and my partner works away and has NO idea this is happening. Hoping for answers before he returns on Friday. Would be nice to give him a definite answer to whats going on. This would be my 5th if I trully am pregnant. I know my body inside out (virtually LOL) I also know that my feeling like puking before during and after eating is NOT normal for me.I want to say that early bleeds well beyond pregnancy are often sub chrionic bleeds which are pockets of blood between the uterus and uterus lining and most the time it leaves the body during a pregnancy as it usually leaves at period time. IF you ahve bleeding issues I recommend upping your doses of folic acid to help repair and improve blood supply of the wall to lining this should help strengthen and keep it all healthy. I take 2000mg a day as read on an ivf site in USA as recommended for ladies who bleed or have a history of miscarrying. Check with your doctor if you need to, but it does not hurt baby, actually helps them...I have a very healthy 17 month old despite the bleeding I suffered. Anyway...I am hoping for results THIS week....I am just one of many that suffers from the UNKNOWN haha...its mental and emotionally torturing. IF in doubt...see your doctors, best way is Ultrasound to be sure and blood tests, those I am getting today and the coming days. GOOD LUCK everyone