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I am a police officer of 31 years in philadelphia. On 8/22/2011 I was cut with a knife and required 6 stitches at the tip of my left index finger. During the process I was given 3 needles by a P.A. at the base of my finger. The third needle caused me so much pain I jumped off the bed and knocked the tray table over.I was clearly upset and asked her what she did and she apologized stating that she hit my nerve. This was all witnessed by my corporal who had taken me to the E.R.. After 3 months of therapy I had to have surgery Now I am back at thrapy and the pain is so intense that I barely make it through a session and have to take my pain meds as soon as I get home. last week the therapist tried a new proceedure involving a bandage that I was supposed to wear for 14 hours. The pain was incredible and I had to cut it off after 9 hours. Since the day of the wound I have been in terrible pain but it seems that since she tried using the brace the pain has gotten even worse and now is radiating up my forearm with pain and a burning sensation. I also have a decrease of strength in that arm. Does this sound right to anyone out there. My finger remains bent and so sensative that it cannot be touched even in the slighest of methods. This new senastion of pain up my forearm to my elbow and the decrease of strentgh are new to me. Does this sound right to anyone out there? I am really very scared at this point and I am suffering from a deep depression because this is a career ending injury for me. I will NEVER be a Police Officer again. Has anyone out there experienced this type of injury and what do I have to look forward to in the future. I am not a lawsuit type of guy but i have to protect both myself and my family at this point and would anyone know if I may have a case against the hospital. This will end my career and even the surgeon stated that it's obvious that all of this damage was caused by the needle perforating the nerve. I went to the hopsital to get help not to lose my job and the use of my left hand. I also have a word for word statemt from my corporal who was in the room when the nerve was damaged. I am very scared and have to protect my family at this point. Can anyone give me any advise. It's been almost 8 months and the pain is worse than the night I was cut with the knife. Any advise would be greatly appreciated at this time and I thank you in advance.


Hi Sargent,

Sorry about your injury.

Yes, it does sound as if the damage occurred when the PA hit a nerve.  Unfortunately it's always a risk when an injection is required.

You say "therapist" in your post.  Have you seen a neurologist?  This is their area of expertise.  They may have other options.

I know its not much but it is the best I have to offer.

Good luck.