I recently underwent extensive neurosurgery on my tibial nerve damage which was accidentally damaged during an ankle surgery last year.
The nerve damage was extensive and the surgeon cut out the scar tissue which had gone right into the 3 branches of the nerve, and then put in neural tube implants which will serve as a mini pipeline to reconnect the nerves. I am still experiencing burning pain in my foot, and have also started having horrible shooting pains that go into various areas of my foot, and sometimes my toes. Sometimes, they are like electric shocks, but most of the time it is a stabbing, intense pain that lasts about 5-10 seconds and then subsides. Sometimes I feel as if I'm having an electrical storm in the bottom of my foot! I had really hoped that this surgery would help me get rid of the pain, but so far, it's actually worse than it was pre-op. Is there anyone else who may have had a similar surgery? What was your experience? Does this pain eventually "settle down"?