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HI. I'm 34 year old and recently I have experienced one accident during whitewash of my house ceiling.
I felt off ladders and broke my leg. This all happened about a month age and now, I don’t have any problems with my leg. I have pitted my leg in a cast and it healed just fine.
But, I have some problems with my left arm because a few days ago I have developed tingling and numbness in left little finger.
I don’t know what could cause this but I'm afraid it could be from my fall.
Anybody has an idea about what could cause this?


Hey, I felt almost same sensations like you about a year ago and I sought for medical help.
I was worried as hell because I thought I heard something about some serious disease called multiple sclerosis and that this disease can cause this kind of sensations.
I was told later that I had a compressed ulna nerve at the elbow. Nerve conduction tests have been done and I've been told by my doctor that the painful sensation will go away on its own.
How well your ulna nerve will recover, and whether an operation is needed, depend to a great extent on the cause of the nerve compression.
Nerve conduction tests will help to estimate the extent of the damage.