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Hello all, I'm always confused on how much insulin to inject. I think I have trouble calculating my correction dose. I'm not used to doing math so I get nervous about it. Is there an easy way to do this. Do I really need to calculate a correction. Is is possible to take the same amount of insulin at each meal or at least know what different doses your need each meal based on the fact you eat the same things at each different meal? That would be some much more easier for me. I do pretty much eat the same things per meal. Need help. Thanks.



Hi, Your diabetes manager should have set up an initial insulin dose for the day. If your diet is consistent for each meal, your manager could calculate that for you. Then all you have to do is follow that and you shouldn't need a correction so long as you eat the same things and at the same time. You do need to be concerned about times you exercise cause that will alter the amount of insulin you need. However, you could keep some sugar pills with you and take those when you need them if you have to. Best thing to do is to set up a definite time to exercise and do the same amount and type of exercise each time. If you can be consistent with this, you may be able to get away from calculating a correction dose. In the beginning, some people make their diet consistent so they don't have to worry about getting to much or too little insulin and risk hypers and hypos. Later on when they get comfortable with their new lifestyle, they get into calculations because they want to very their diet and exercise routines so everything becomes more interesting. Make sure to talk with your diabetes manager to help this with you and make sure to document everything very carefully. Good Luck!