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Hello, I was wondering if it is a good thing to take glargine twice a day. I know some people take it once a day. I was wondering if it effects you BG differently dividing the dose. I started out with twice daily so I don't know about once daily. Has anyone out there switched say from once daily to twice daily. If you did, did you notice a difference in your BG? Is there any scientific info on this? Sometimes I wonder whether the clinical trial information is really real. If anyone has any info on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.



According to the literature BG concentrations after breakfast and lunch and after dinner were lower with twice-daily glargine than once daily glargine. Plasma free insulin was higher in the afternoon with twice-daily glargine but lower overnight as compared to once-daily glargine. Plasma glucose concentration overnight was higher with twice-daily glargine than once-daily glargine. BG levels rise in the late afternoon due to falling plasma insulin levels towards the end of the 24 hours period after glargine is taken in people with type 1 using once-daily glargine at dinner-time plus a rapid-acting analogue at meal-times. This problem is prevented with twice-daily glargine.


It looks like you lucked out by starting with glargine twice daily. I've been on once-daily daily for three years now and now I'm thinking I should change to twice-daily. I's easy enough to split my dose and start right away. I wonder why my doctor didn't say anything about this. I think you put forth a really good question. I didn't know the answer so I had to do a little research but I'm glad I did. Have you heard about the new insulin tresiba? I was wondering if it might be better than lantus. According to clinical trials it's supposed to be. It might be worth checking on it.