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I am wondering about glargine (lantus) and whether I will be taking it dkuring my pregnancy.  I am type 2 diabetic and I know I will have to have something done different for it but will be my taking glargine?  Will I take something different or will I tak eit in conjunction with something else?  If nayone knows abou it, let me know!


Hello, Guest!  So you are a diabetic type 2 patient who is pregnant.  You may be treated like a type 1 diabetic patient with your insulin therapy during pregnancy.  It will depend on what your doctor recommends.  However, you will probably be put on an insulin pump for your treatment.  This tends to be the treatment of choice for type 1 diabetic women who are pregnant.  This device helps with the diabetic pregnant patient's regulation of blood sugar for the entire pregnancy.  Whereas back about 20 years ago, type 1 diabetic women were highly discouraged to get pregnant because of the risks to the mother and the unborn baby.  Nowadays, the type 1 diabetic woman can carry a baby with the use of a insulin pump and other technological advances in neonatal care. I assume this is the case for type 2 diabetic women as well.  You may be not on lantus while you are pregnant.  That will be up to the doctor on how he/she wants to handle your care. With the pump, you will be assured that your insulin will be regulating your blood sugars at the optimal level. 

Is there any type 2 diabetic women who would like to share their experience of being on the insulin pump while being pregnant?  How was it and did it keep your blood sugar under control?  Were you on oral diabetic med before getting pregnant or on any insulin before your pregnancy?