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Hello anon,so about a few months back, i had tenderness in my nipples, where both were sore to the touch. i was obviously concerned, and had found out it was "normal" for males to occasionally feel sensitive durring hormonal phases, but this concerns me because its typical for males going through puberty, which i'm well past. well, it's been over a month now, and even though both of my nipples arent sensitive to the touch as they used to be, under my right nipple there seems to be a lump. now, progressively this lump has gotten larger, but very slowly. it's now just barely 75% the diameter of my areola, and i can visibly see the difference in size of my nipples. where my left is flat, as it always has been, my right is now "bulbous". said lump feels "firm", and is only sensitive to mild to extreme pressure. no fluids are leaking, no discoloration, and no hidden symptoms are present. as i've said, there's just a visible difference between my two nipples, and just the one affected is sensitive if placed under any firm pressure.a few facts about my physiology. I'm an ectomorph, and i've never held any body weight my whole life, nor have i been muscular, so male breasts or "large" pectoral muscles is out of mind for now. i'm about 5'10, and weigh at around 130-140lbs. i've been, physically, more active this past year due to employment changes, and i've been lifting and moving much heavier objects than i ever used to (on a regular basis). i'm just concerned as to whether-or-not i SHOULD be concerned about this... condition. i've considered visiting my local doctor, but i've been skeptical because of what i read online. should i be worried, or just play off the fact that one of my nipples is swollen compared to the other now (ha ha)?


Hi guest,

If it is continuing to get larger then see your doctor. 

It may be the results of an injury, scarring, from your lifting.

The important thing now is to find out why it's getting larger.  Yes, see your doctor.