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my husband is 86 yrs old and for 3 days he has not had a bowl movement or wanted to have a bowl movement


Hi, sorry about the condition your husband is going through. Of course it must be worrying for you. I hope my reply does not come in too late, but if this happens again, I would suggest your husband tries using some probiotics. These are not medication or any chemicals that can harm his health. Probiotics are healthy, good bacteria that help to improve gut health and facilitate digestion. They do a lot when it comes to providing relief from digestion related problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, gastritis and at times even ulcers and urinary tract infections.

He may try eating some yogurts or kefir which are good sources of probiotics or I would also recommend probiotic supplements. One which I know is completely natural and reliable is called Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. Made from a combination of natural strands of good bacteria that is aimed at improving digestion, gut health, immune system and preventing UTIs. 

I hope this info was useful for you. Best of health to you guys