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I've seen too many topics on loud bowel/stomach/grumbling stomach etc.

I'm a vegetarian, 20, almost no exercise and currently studying college.

The problem is - loud noise from bowels like bubbling and roaring, I just can't describe the variety of sounds I've heard so far from my guts.
I tried too many things on this, probiotics, pills on reducing gas, not eating foods that upset stomach, yogurts with good bacteria, drink a lot of water (which I found useless then because the gas or something was making even more noise in it), antispazmodics, activated coal (the black tablets), fiber...
Now I've got five things left: parasites which I will get checked on, start exercise more (it helps a bit, I'll see after some time), start eating meat (which I started today, so far no big change), go to a specialist on digestive system or... start taking Prozac or Xanax or anything else (I'm sure any doctor would prescribe it to me after he'd see my breakdown and phobias from quiet places, etc.)
now it's not that bad, the fiber helps, and the pills on gas too... but sometimes it's like my bowels arguing and I just can't take it anymore.

This thing ruined my life and as I saw it ruined lives of many other people, some of them found treatment and cause, some of them didn't. So far my biggest guess is parasites. Although my doctor is very skeptical about worms and she said it could be only one type of worms and nothing else (no tapeworms etc.) but I managed to get my stool tested, I'll have results next week. The problem is if the test comes back negative. I've heard that you don't have to always have the eggs or so in every sample so I think I'll need more testing or something :-( and I'm afraid that if it comes back negative, she'll say "you don't have it like I said" It's really embarrassing and I just can't take the pills for worms myself because they are on prescription!!! Most of them, the one I need - to flush the worms from the digestive system... It's not like with dogs that you can have prevention. They have to make sure you have them to give it to you... which is hard to find out

I'll be glad to hear other experience and the solution, as well as the worms, how can they be diagnosed, treated etc. And I'm really glad this condition is not that uncommon and there may be help.


Hi Katrina.

I have just read your post from a year ago.  I found it because I have the exact same symptoms as you.  Sometimes the noises are so embarrassing, like right now as I sit writing to you, and I don't know how to cope.   I don't want to be heard by other people, but I am a homeschool teacher and my students have just had to get used to the noises.  It doesn't mean that the embarrassment goes away though.

Sometimes it sounds like there is a lion in the room calling.  Other times it sounds like a newly born baby is filling its nappy! (That's the worst!) It's just so embarrassing!

Because your post was a year ago, I'm hoping that you've found out what the cause is?????   I have also thought it could be parasites.  I live in Zimbabwe, and I work with horses when I'm not teaching homeschool, so it's very possible.

I've tried everything that you tried regarding diet.  I thought recently that I'd got to the bottom of the problem - STRESS/ANXIETY being the trigger.  However, for the last two days I've had absolutely no stress or anxiety.  So now what???

If you've learnt anything, please, please share! 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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