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i have no urge to poop and im constantly having diareah and cant control my bowls...i am pooping my pants daily in large amounts with alot of gas and mild abdominal pain...what is happening


Two things I can advise you now. The first and what you should definitely do is to get a check up ASAP. I do not want to scare you or be the cause of a panic but that is what you should do now.

The second thing I can recommend are probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that help to support digestion and gut health. You could have some form of bacterial infection of merely related to gut flora which can easily be fixed by using probiotics. Now your sources of probiotics can either be yogurts, kefir, fermented milk or kombucha or for a more immediate relief, you can try probiotic supplements. One which I can recommend is Flourish Probiotics by Eu Natural. These guys are the most reliable producers of natural supplements I have come across and use their products.

And finally, drink lots of water. With conditions like diarrhea, you are constantly losing large amounts of water and you should watch out for dehydration.