The other day started out like a normal day or so I thought. I had awoke that morning and got myself and my son dressed to go swimming. After swimming a friend of mine and her son, as well as my son and I decided to stop and get something to eat but due to the fact that we all looked like drowned rats from swimming we decided we would eat in the car.

Halfway through my lunch I got a very sharp intense pain in my chest that caused my face to turn bright red and me to immediately panic because I felt as if my breathing was being restricted. I wanted out of the car and did so. I was used to getting attacks like this ( quite similar to gallbladder attacks, had gallbladder out in December of 05) and usually when I get them I lay on my chest with a pillow under me and the pain will go away or I crouch down taking light breaths. I walked behind my car and crouched behind the back bumper trying to take light breaths in order to get the pain to subside. No such luck doing that, I eventually was able to get the pain to let up a bit and upon returning to the car I stood beside the two cars ( my friends and mine) and I remember she asked me if I was ok and I told her about the sharp pain. Upon lifting my hand up I noticed it was shaking really badly as well as the rest of my body and I had broken out into a really bad sweat and not even seconds after that my entire body went numb and I fell to the ground. I was unconscience and unresponsive for a little more than five minutes. Upon arrival at the ER I underwent numerous tests which didn't give me an answer as to why a perfectly healthy 21 year old would just drop like that. They didn't see any signs of a mini stroke, seizure, or anything like that.

I am confused about what is going on and am intending to be seen by another hospital that specializes in women's care tomorrow but in the meantime I would like to get opinions.

Some of the things that they did say was that I had extremely low potassium levels which they put me on a heart monitor overnight for, and that I had a urinary tract infection but neither one of those would cause someone to just drop like that. I have had some swelling in the abdomen since then and the doctor did say I had blood in my urine. I am not sure what to think and am quite scared. The only reason I am home is because I signed myself out of that hospital because they gave me a pain medication that I was extremely allergic to and then denied it so I didn't feel comfortable with my health in their hands. I am going to another hospital tomorrow but in the meantime would like to hear from someone that could possibly help me with this.