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I was involved in a RTA three weeks ago. I was sat in my car at traffic lights stationary. A car came screeching from behind and bumped into me with an almighty force, which shunted me into the vehicle in front. The force of the impact had caused everything to fly all over in my car. My point is that straight after the RTA, apart from being very shaken, felt alright. On awakening the next day, my neck was very stiff, and had to have the aid of my son to assist me out of bed which took over half hour due to an excrutiating pain in my lower back, travelling down my right leg to just below the knee. I have never experienced pain like this before. I am still experiencing this pain to the present day. Also, the pain has started down my left thigh now and I have noticed that my feet are very swollen. I have seen my Doctor who has prescribed Dicloflex 50mg and confirmed that it is Sciatica & if no better in 4xwk then refered to Physiotherapist. Upon walking my shins really pain. Is this normal.


I would like to strongly suggest that you get yourself to a chiropractor. My husband was in a car accident with a lot of neck pain. After seeing a chiropractor for a few visits, he doesn't have any pain.

These visits should be covered by your car insurance. If you've maxed out your visits and your insurance won't pay anymore, many chiropractors will give discounts for additional visits if they see that you need more visits. Inquire if they'll do this.