Has anyone ever heard of this? I will give a description and please give me guess and some answers I need help badly.

before the 4th of july I was fine, except for my knees and i will go into that later.

starting 7-6 i was told by the emergency room I had cellulitis in my left eye.
by the 2nd week it went to my right eye. Both with abscesses, and the left eye's abscess actually bust on it's own and i was in excruciating pain. then my jaw swells up and I am told I have preseptal cellulitis. now this is the 3week mark I am put in the hospital for 5 days and given antibiotics. Then I am told I have saliliditis by ENT DR. Also due to persisent dizziness, blurred vision,headaches, pressure in head, stiff neck and muscle tension in shoulders I am told I have TMJ and mystery eachace that know one can find.
this literally has been in 45days into with all these problems. these are my symptoms maybe some one can give me some ideas, on how to help myself.

joints popping (shoulders, neck, knees)
stiff neck that seems to change as the day goes on
blurred vision
earache in both ears with no earache to be found
muscle weakness at times( example went to a store and couldn't push the door to leave the building)
radiating pain in arms and both wrists that come and go
pressure feeling in head and headaches that come and go

before the 4th of july i was fine, now when i wake up I don't know how my day is going to be, because it does progressively gets worse as the day goes on. I have not been to work in 2months and may get fired, cause I can't seem to get a diagnosis that makes sense to me. I was even told I need glasses 4 days into a eye infection where my vision was 20/20 and mean perfect. over the course of 45days i went to the hospital 6 times, had to have family members drive me around, pain in different parts of body since the eye infection and I truly feel like mystery diagnosis. I am so used to being functional and all of the sudden I can't and I am getting so frustrated. I don't know whether to go to a neurologist or rheumatologist because i don't think they will believe me. all of the sudden since the eye infection and this doesn't make any sense to me. can anyone help? should i go back to the emergency room. I also forgot that i also had an abscess under my right arm, that's currently going down now.

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