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i went to the doctor again it always seems to happen when i have a bit of a cold
the doctor says i need grometts this is the 3rd doctor to tell me this but e n t say they cant see any thing why is it 3 doctors from the durgry i go to can see it but the e n t clinic cant the noise in my ear has got so bad i cant sleep i am now aking sleeping tablets i am glad as it was so bad i felt like taking an overdose its still making a load pulsing sound as i wright this the e nt clinic is usless so is the hospital i have to go to

can any one help me with suggestions please


Have you ever heard of pulsatile tinnitus? Tinnitus is ringing in ears while pulsatile tinnitus is hearing something that sounds like heartbeats in the ears. The possible causes of this disorder could be a tumor or vascular or muscular in nature.
It may happen that there is dilation of the vein close to the ear drum, a blood vessel that is close to the eardrum or a vascular tumor. Most commonly, it is due to irregularities in the blood vessels that are not serious.
You may have to undergo MRI or CT screening to check what could be happening.