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I got sick on Christmas, I was super congested couldn't breathe out of my nose. My throat hurt and my whole body felt weak and tired. I began noticing yesterday that everytime I'd blow my nose it would sound like velcrow on my ear drum. today I woke up blew my nose now my ear is muffled and it hurts, it sounds like bubbles and velcrow. Do you have any tips or suggestions onwhat it could possibly be, could I get something from the store to fix this?

Thank you.


With a severe head cold and prominant congestion, the tubes in the ears have a tendency to become plugged, sort of the feeling you get when your flying. It makes us want to hold our noses tightly shut and blow. When we do that, we get the cracking effect, like you said, it sounds like velcro. This is what happened to you when you blew your nose. When you have to blow, do it gently and don't squeeze your nostrils together to tightly, give an easy blow, not the ones that sound like a train whistle, you could hurt your eardrum.
You can try an over the counter medication like sudafed or tylenol severe cold formula. If you are having any chest congestion, mucinex is another congestion breaker. Give it a few days and you should start to feel better, with your ears anyway. If you are running a temp, you may want to check in with your doctor.