im 16 years old ((almost seventeen)) and i have terrible anxiety. during the day i worry constantly to the point were it affects my social life. ill avoid friends, teachers and other people just for fear of talking to them and not knowing what to say. ive not gone places with friends because of i guess the same reason. i tend to become anti-social for no apparent reason and it comes and goes.

during the school day the minute the bell rings, if im not on my way to class i get extremely nervous. we have five minutes between classes and because of my need to leave asap i often get to class with 4 minutes left, a lot of times leaving friends i could have walked to class with. and if i do work up the courage to stay i cant stay still and start pacing or rocking. my friends have commented me on this countless times. i've had many nightmares about being late to class too.

its the worst at night though, when i try to go to sleep. ill lay awake for anywhere from 1/2 hour - 4 hours before fall asleep due to a constant fear. i supposed its the dark that mainly concerns me, but it hadnt in the past. it wasnt until about 2 years ago that it got bad, although it seemed to have worsen as i grew older. and its not that i sleep alone in my room either, i share it with my 2 sisters. yet even with them in there i cant get over my fear. half the battle is finding a postition to sleep in where i feel the safest. i cant face the window in fear the someone might be outside it ((i sleep on the 2nd storey)) i cant face the door in case someone walks past it. the only part of my body that i sleep with not under a blanket is my head. most of the time i lay at the foot of my bed facing the wall. but then i just fear someone will come in and i wont know so im constantly turning my head to look. theres been times where at 16 years old ive wanted nothing more than to lay in bed between my parents, and i probably would if i wasnt to scarred to walk out into the dark hallway.

a long with these sepcific times and anyother time i feel anxious i tend to get very cold and clammy. i feel very dizzy and lightheaded. once when with with my friends and it got really bad, i was almost in tears. i just kept pacing back inforth rubbing my arms. well im off get packing, i leave for a trip tomarrow. any comments wuld be greatly appreciated.