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i have a normal discharge,but ta times i dont like if having sex my boyfriend thinks i might have bust or just having a discharge is not very fun. so i was wondering if theres any type of medication you can take to get rid of a normal discharge?


I don’t think so and if it were, it would be healthy at all. Vaginal discharge is there for a purpose and it shouldn’t bother either you and especially not your boyfriend.

If there weren’t any discharge, you wouldn’t be able to have sex at all because your vagina would be so dry that it would make intercourse impossible, it would hurt both of you and you could even experience tears in the vaginal walls due to the dryness. You would always have to use lubricants that may also irritate vaginal mucosal layers as well as skin on vulva.

I myself have a lot of discharge, especially during sex and it may even leak when I have an orgasm being on top, but it is important to educate your men and let him know that it is normal, as normal as his pre-cum and sperm are.

So, don’t be embarrassed about your discharge because it is a part of every woman and it is how it should be!