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what can i do to get some sleep at night? burning feet and hot legs are waking me up. i'm 30 years old and wondering if this is a menopause symptom.

I am not able to sleep, since 4 year. please suggest me. I will very thank full in my life


I am sorry to hear about your problems. I had similar problems 3 years ago. I was in a junior in college and just could not sleep at all at night. My hands, feet, and legs were hot all the time, and sometimes I would try to go to bed at 11pm still be awake at 4am. It drove me crazy. My friends and professors suggested that it must be stress. I know it sounds strange that a college kid would have such problems, but I just had a lot on my mind then. I had the problem for over a year and now it is much much better.  Are you stressed with work or life? Maybe you should examine your life and see what is bothering you. Sometimes, it is not the physical that matters, it is the emotional. 

I wish you best of luck,