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I am a white male 50 years old. I was in overall great health most of my life. In 1997 while stationed in a border town, I was really busy and stressed at work and at home. Just a ton of stuff, and being in a place where we had no family and only new co-worker friends. Started having weird terrible aching pains deep in right thigh and in knee and right shoulder. Combined with various moving pains in upper part of body, constipation, diarhea back and forth. After months of doctors and me doing internet search I dsicoverd fibromyalgia. Normally looked at as a WOMENS disease. I did finally discover that men did have it and itr was the closest thing to decribe the way I felt. Finally, my doctor who was also my neighbor, and I sat down and had a meeting. He sais" I have found what I think you have. I said Me too! You go first. He said fibromyalgia, I usually treast 40-60 year old women. I said that is what I found also. He decided to try Amitryptiine and Ambien ( I could not sleep more than an hour or so at a time) Aftet a week or so of that...things tapered off and really went back close to normal. Life went on. Took this combo for several years in one variation of another. Moved to DC area, found new Dr. rheumatoligist(si) She did a bunch of test and said I did have more than enough points to qualify as FM. ALso did bunch of blood work for Lupus and such. Said Teeters? were high but just to watch. Life went on with Buspar 1 10mg at night with Ambien. AN occasional spell..this time usually in the trigger points of left and right rear scapula. Over all event free.
2002 transfered back to Texas, geting divorced fighting for custody of my kids (4), which I finally won. Life moves forward with semi normal household.

Sept 2004 Heart attack right side arteries blocked..2 stents..out in two days...minimal danage to heart, thankfully.

Lots os stress at work Law Enforcement work, teenage kids issues, daughter got pregnant, had baby (would not take for that boy now though), any way

April 2006, baby 6 months old living with me, daughter hanging out with dope head boyfriend, got call 2:30 A.M., daughter life flighted to Medical Center from car wreck where dumbass boyfriend missed a stop sign DRUNK and HIGH...:oak tree your'e in my way" least wearing seat belts and airbag, kept her injuries to minimum since tree was on her side of car. Last year rehab and live with me. Much betterover all.. NOW..
Since that time last= year..I went to the ER one morning on the way to work due to burning across left upper chest and left arm. New sensation.
Kept over night..blood work, ECG, et al..normal. Sent home.

Dr. Put me on Cymbalta for fibro pain at my request..sleep had gone to c**p and strange pains emerging. One week into Cymbalta sitting at desk at work, had the strangest sensation come over me. Very antsy, burning stinging pain across chest, runs down through abdomen all the way to ends of toes. Icey hot type burn, testicle burned even. Guys at work took me to ER. Once again, ECK, Blood works, etc,...normal.

Lowered Cymbalta dose and dr gave me Nirivam to take when I felt them coming on.

Since that time he did full blood work up back then all normal.

Over the past year these "spells" have come over me a number of times. Usually in the evening at home...usually just when sitting around doing nothing. There have been several times when I drove to the closest ER and sat in the parking lot for an hour or so until is subsides.

4-4-07, sitting at home 8 pm...spell comve upon me..feels stronger than normal. Tightness and burning stinging pain high up on left front chest/shoulder. Band type tightness in left bicep area, left rear scaopula pain/ithghtness/tingling...makes me very anxious...burning stretchs down across chest into abdomen and in to leg. BP during episode 172/114 (high for me) Normal with medications is 130/88-92 . This gets me even more drove up. Have son drive me to ER..go in mention previous heart iaaue in 5o year old previous smoked. You get quick action. ECG- Normal just the minor damage from previous. Give some chillout pills, keep over noight while they ran blood enzymes of very 3 hours.; Next date..MY Cardio come in..Nuclear Stress Test...normal as everyone I ever has aince the heart attack. Cardio guy says you have miniml damage from other heart atrtack. You can do anything you want! Okay

Back at regular DR next week..hears me mentioned tingling and numbness onleft arm at times and some numbness in left leg. Decided that although I did not mention them being at the same time, I should have a C cpine and Brain MRI.

Went to Brain MRI and C SPine- Results bulging 3mm at c/3/4. Head normal except for two white either plaque spots or deep matter ischemic disease, possibley from previous high blood pressure or just age.

MRA (angiogram) of brain. All vessels and arteries look clear and minimal plaque.

Carotid ultra sound..result 15 % blockage on side less than 30 on the other. Re check annualy. C3-4 bulge, neurosurgeon..don't think seurgy necessard, but does tests on left and right arms..sends t0 another Neuro to do Nerve Cunduction Studies and EMG on muscles and nerves from shoulder to hands. Test positive for severe Carpal TUnnel Syndrom. BUt says doesn't see need for neck surgery yet. Try conventional therapy firt.

Two Neurologist niether can pin point white spots, either previous mini stroke, YET no stroke symptoms or signs upon full neuro exam. one thinks very early MS..basic answer some do another MRI in a year. The neurosurgeon send me to another neurologist

Go and have enoscopic Carpal Surgery on left hand. Easy enough..took away the numbess is had there. Waiting for the right in a week or two.

SO you ask? What is the problem?

PROBLEM is: I am still having the stinking original symptoms at times that drove me to the hospital four times in the past year.

Symptoms: Feel sensation starting usually on the upper leftnear bicep (sort of squeezing) across the upper left High upper chest, sweaty upper shoulders and head, sometimes burning into abdoman and a little further south. Almost alway makes me feel (as if I need to go have a bowel movement) while this is going on. I have resaerched this every way I can think of and no answers. Has any body ever had anything similar??? The are suggesting it is anxiety! COuld be bur it is weird in that it usually happens when NOTHING is going on. Just sitting watching a move or reading. I am about out of doctors and do not know where to turn. Thinking Psyhcologist or Psychiatry...but don't want to be labled as crazy. Any ideas?? iam going back to cardio in a couple of weeks to do another angiogram since it has been almost three years since the stents were placed. At time I feel it is hear, because of the burning in upper left chest, but have not had shortness of breath, pain in chest or center of chest. But since it all seems to start on upper left side...I cannot get my mind away from it. Sat outside the ER 4th of July for an hour or so, waiting for a spell to pass. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated ?


I notice it's been years since you posted but I had to reach out because I feel like you're telling my story. No heart attack, but all the other symptoms--scary!! Doctors see "normal" tests, except some "benign" sinus tachycardia & arthritis of c/ spine, so I feel like they are labeling me with anxiety. Don't tolerate meds well, so.... wait until the next spell?!?!


Wow - this is amazing. All that has been described in these posts is exactly what I have been suffering for the past 16 months. Been to emergency 3 times thinking I was having a heart attack. The resolution so far has been blood pressure medication - for hyper tension. All blood tests are fine. tested at the heart Institute, and all is fine.

The only thing is I have injured my left shoulder 18 months ago and just had a MRI done a few weeks ago with no feedback from the Dr. According to the Physio I have been visiting is the muscles around the shoulder do extend to the rib cage and will be sore or cause a sharp pain in the chest - which will feel like a heart attack.

I too have been labeled with the anxiety tag.


hello...i am a 20yr old, female in australia. i have always kept a fantastic diet and exersise regime, because i thought it would 'counter react' a few years of IV drug abuse i stupidly got caught up in from the age o 13 untill a few months ago. Ive been scared so much overthe past year because ive been getting lots of symptoms too - alot of which originated fromthe left side, but right side issues now are starting.... In order of appreaarance (almost) from just over a year ago: - blue toes, knees, hands and sometimes lips when cold (left and right side) - tingly/numb/cold fingures (left side) - feathery effect/tingle on tip of nose - left eye slowly degenerating since i was 3/4 years old (wore glasses/eye patch..) - developed a lisp since before i started drugs - random attack behind left eye (bulging + sharp pain behind eye, with vein/nerve throb attack down left arm - left side of face around cheek and eye seemed collapsed or 'drained'of blood, sucked in almost..was numb - golf ball sized 'grisle like lump' between scapula and clavicle that cant be massaed out, grows with unhealthiness/stress - lumps felt all inside my neck, i thin its my lymphs - dizziness/out of body experience after sex, faint and nausea - BUT THEN i had this attack after a period of time it when it was hard for my body to regulate to temperature - hot/high BP for ages then almost absent bp/colness everywhere the nextbut for ages...i yelled out loud when i was having high BP/hot moment and allof a sudden my nose busted out bleeding with huge clots in it - my face swelled up puffiness and my RIGHT arm and breast went totally numb - hospital and GP say its all mentleas soon as im honest about drugs. - Bruising appreas allover body when i wake up in the morning....mostly legs and arms... - right temple and ear building up pressure allof a sudden, i have to massage almost like to encourage the blood flow... - both my r+l sides in my tricep/bicep/shoulders have tobe massaged to encourage blood flow through out my arms and now also in my legs, which sometimes i notce random moments of swelling in different areas of my abdomen also at these times. - thismorning a got the runs for the first time ever - im usually constipated if anything... - im right handed, have always been slightly bigger on my right side, only since all of this going on, my right breast shrinks and my left swells during/before or after i get these things... its like my blood flow/pressure/direction isnt right,however when i go to the doctors, they check everything and say im fine... i do regret my years of abuse, but i am a smart girl who has maintained a welleducated, otherwise high standard of living - butim afraid since ive been strong enough to stay clean, my symptoms have worsened. im really afraid ive done damage... like ive aged my body on the inside to that of a 40-50 yr old women - able of suffeering FB perhaps too?



Have any of you gotten answers? I've been diagnosed with Tick Borne Relapsing Fever & testing adrenals because Cardiologist doesn't think tachycardia & low blood pressure are primarily cardiac. Tingly, hot/cold & tender head like a toothache raw nerve happen too often & I get dizzy with the head symptoms + abdominal pain... sometimes sharp stab & sometimes intense pressure or heat. Neurologist says its all related to c-spine arthritis & says antiinflammatories but they don't help :-(. Got a CPAP but its not helping the sleep issues. Sorry for you all suffering, but a bit reassured that I'm not alone.


I know this sounds odd.. But I am curious to see if everything has been going well for you? I came across your article here and it just peaked my curiosity.. I read how much you have been through with your family and wanted to send my thoughts and Blessings to you..