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For the past three weeks, I've been experiencing numbness and tingling in my right hand fingers. I received MRI,and Ex-Rays of my neck, and EMG of my rigyht arm. The combined results indicated that I have 4 degenerative discs(C4,5,6,&7) that affecting the nerves, and I have a touch of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr's recommendation is to take cortisone shots. Is that Okay?


Hi there, not a doc... but i've been surfing this site and others for my own probs (C5/C6 & C6/C7), i'm about to have a double discectomy... as for your own situation, from what i've read there is a great deal of variance as to the best option - but your mri, how much pain your in, impact on daily life, whether or not there is nerve compression all factors into it. A lot of people got steroid injections, helps some... doesn't help others... very individual.

Best of luck!

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