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I would like to talk to other OCD suffers and get help and advice from anyone who can possibly offer it.

It was my friend who gently suggested that I suffer from it from what she has seen me doing and its kinda clicked into place.

Firstly, a little background information on what I think has caused me to become like this.

1. We got broken into years ago and there was no sign of forced entry.

2. A relatives child died of cot death.

3. I forgot to lock the front door and went to work one day, it was the neighbour who rang and told me.

I think its a security/safety thing with me.

Im fairly normal if im out of the house and when im in im normal. Its just when im going out or going to bed.

The things I do are as follows - my friend has helped me identify these.

Before I can leave the house I have to check numerous times that all plugs are off and out, taps are off, doors are locked. I was doing this over and over and over until I decided one day to shut the door once ive checked a room and then halfway down the stairs if I "forget" I go back up, see the door shut and know that its been checked. I have too do this in every room in the house at least three times. I do all this including making sure the heating and lights is off ect before I even go to bed too.

I have to keep checking on my son too, I only check twice to be sure I dont wake him. I do the following when I first put him to bed and before I go to bed myself.

I make sure nothing is hanging over the cot, over the bars, nothing inside of the cot, the sheets are tucked in, the sheets are just below his armpits, that his feet are near enough the bottom of the cot and he cant wriggle down and there is nothing remotely in sight that can float in the air and land in the cot. I do this four or five times before I can even turn my back and walk out of the room. My husband gets frustrated with this and gets annoyed with me, I just fight back and say its just me and just accept it. Im not waking my son up or anything to check on him.

I didnt think it was that noticable but my friend says it is, she reckons she can see it outside of the house too. I dont think so, I have always been one to check and make sure zips are closed and my purse cant fall out, or check Ive got my keys and phone ect.

She suggested I see the doctor, have a chat with him about this. I dont know, I dont want to be put on drugs when all I need to do is find a way to deal with this better. I feel that as long as im not bothering anyone with this then if im dealing with it in my own way to leave things as they are.

We both went for a holiday together and on the last day we was packing things up and I shut the doors of the rooms and swore never to open them and check I hadnt left anything. I wanted to check but I didnt and it bothered me for days! Im fine now, I got over it.

Some people might laugh there heads off at what I do but its kinda frustrating sometimes and wouldnt mind a bit of thoughts and opinions.

Thanks in advance.


it sounds like ocd. i've never been diagnosed with it but i know i slightly have it. i have the same problems as you. i have to make sure the oven is off, the curling iron is off, the candle warmer is off, before i leave the house. i have to make sure all that is off and all the doors are locked, check the closets, all before i go to sleep. i don't want to but i can't relax until i check it all at least 3 times. then i feel fine after that. i hate having to do this but i just do. it sucks. my fiancee just laughs it off, but i know it's annoying. i think mine stems from a murder of my aunt and cousin when i was nine. it really affected me because i was really close to my cousin. good luck with your ocd! i would get help. i think i am.