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for as long as i can remember i've suffered from these symptoms. could i have OCD?

-kissing all my stuffed animals good night

-needing to say the same thing every night before i went to bed

-needing to make weird noises/clicking a certin number of times (10)

 -counting the street lamps we passed in the car and not being able to stop

-counting the cracks in the side walk as I walked on them and not being able to stop

-needing all the holes in my binder to be the same

-needing my art to be perfect

-using a ruler when drawing lines to make sure each measurment is exact

-needing to repeat words

-needing to rub my teeth against each other a certin number of times

-needing to write down everything the teacher puts on the black board

-making lists for everything

-needing the door to always be closed

-if something’s uneven or different I have to fix it

-feeling annoyed when there are to many windows open on my computer

-needing to have the least amount of stuff on my desk possible

-not being able to step on the cracks in the sidewalk

-needing to have all my covers over the crack in between my bed and wall

-not being able to concentrate when music/noise is on really low so I can’t hear it

-hating using the rag

-hating clearing the table

-feeling “cluttered”

-staring at my planner when I’m stressed

-trying to organize random things when I’m stressed

-needing to thumb up every comment on you tube videos

-in notebooks, using the same writing utencile for every page in the book (only using black pen) (only using pencil)


Yes my dear that is definately a sign of OCD... When I was young .... a teenage boy I used to do such rituals because if I dont do them I will be sick in stomach at school and will have nausea and vomit ( I had a big phobia of vomiting). So I used to do such strange things like going round the kitchen table for a certain number of times ( normally it would be 10 times, 10 for me is my favorite number) or switching the lights on and off for ten times . If I dont do them I will think that I will be sick at stomach at school... Now fortunately I dont do them anymore although I have when I go to the toilet I wipe my bottom for 4 times .( 4 is even number is good , 3 is odd number so it is bad and is related to satan) .. Go talk to a psychologist about this and tell her everything you experience ... There is help out there but go and take it!!!!