Last Wednesday night i had my hand bag stolen. I was in the kitchen, my son was upstairs an my partner was out walking the dogs.
We think they opened the front door an grabbed it off the table.
It has made me feel so uneasy in my own home. Im convinced they were watching me.
Im constantly checking the doors are locked an watching everyone in the street, plus cars passing.
Last week i didnt want to leave the house. I made myself go work on Friday, but all the time i wanted to come home an check the house.
Over the week end i walked the streets looking in people gardens to see if i could see my bag.
At the end of each day i feel low down an depressed, Im waiting for the phone call an the police saying we have your bag.
It dosnt happen so i end up in tears.

Is there anyone who this has happened to?
Is this how you felt?
How long will i feel like this?