I've been really freaked out for well, years now. The earliest memory of these behaviors is when I was young. I repeatedly checked under my bed and closet and the sides of my bed to make sure nobody was going to kill me. It wasn't even once a night it was a few times a night I had this impulse to keep on checking and checking. I do things similar to this now also, I do check the locks on the doors a lot, afraid of something terrible happening and if I don't check then it will happen and be all my fault. I also compulsively pick at my scalp, I create scabs on my scalp and keep picking at them, I do it almost all day because it relaxes me whe I do it. But the worst is the compulsive thoughts I've been having. Some are violent And many are sexual. These images include anyone, babies, children, teens, adults. Im also EXTREMLEY scared of molesting a child, even though I think it is a terrible thing to do and somewhere in my mind I KNOW I wouldn't dare do that to anybody. These thoughts cause me so much stress and It has become an interference with school, trying to sort out my thoughts. I've also been kinda depressed too, I've cut myself and have anorexia/bulimia thoughts. I can still be happy but I have points throughout the day where I'm either ok/happy, or depressed and stressed out. Can you tell me your thoughts please? I would really appreciate it!